There are two ways you can take my Strategy Blackjack Course...
The Hands-on Course(in person) My regular course in Minneapolis takes three to six months, coming once or twice a week for an hour, for an individual to complete. Until now, this has only been offered to people living near Course.cfmMinneapolis. My Hands-On course is a one week course for people who want to travel to Minneapolis. It's a simplified version of my highly successful regular course, specifically designed for people from out of state.  It goes Thursday thru Sunday, 5 hours per day (2 1/2 in the morning and 2 1/2 in the afternoon). I cover everything that you need to know to become a truly professional player. At the end of the week, you will have the knowledge and the skill (providing that you practice what you have learned for 1 to 2 weeks at home) to win consistently in Vegas and around the world. I will make you the best! 

Here is a partial list of topics we cover:

  • Basic Strategy - Zero Memory Strategy
  • Introduction to counting the cards - The Running Count. (How to count by combining - a simple method.) Explanation of the odds, why the "plus" count favors the player and why the "minus" count favors the dealer.
  • Step by Step Approach: Normalized Count and the Vas Spanos formula that gives you your advantage over the house when the count is "plus."
  • The hard drawing or standing advanced chart (i.e. how to play your stiffs* using the normalized count by comparing it with comparison numbers that are given by the computer.)
  • The advanced soft drawing or standing chart (i.e., when to draw or stand if you have a soft hand)
  • The advanced hard doubling down chart (i.e., when to double down on hard 11, 10, 9, 8, etc. using the normalized count by comparing it with the number that the computer has given.)
  • The advanced splitting chart if doubling after splitting is allowed. (i.e., when to split a pair using the normalized count by comparing it with numbers that the computer has given.)
  • The advanced splitting chart if doubling after splitting is not allowed.
  • The advanced surrender chart (i.e. when to surrender your hand for half of your bet using the normalized count, etc.)
  • Introduction to stability theory (i.e. learn how to identify strong patterns in the deck or decks and exploit them by betting more.)
  • Betting (i.e., use the normalized count, stability of your hand number of unseen aces, to formulate your betting function.)
  • Avoiding detection from the casino personal (i.e., camouflage bets, body language, and hiding chips, etc.)
  • The face down game (i.e., learn how to count when the cards are dealt face down.)
  • Identify the parameters that help you find good games. Also how to avoid getting crushed from deceptive positive counts, and how to maximize your profit.
*A hand that is 12 thru 16

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