"After taking Vas Spanos' class, I have traveled to Vegas and played in Minnesota casinos. I have won on every trip to Vegas and have averaged 17 of 20 wins at Minnesota casinos. Best part-time job I ever had!"
  - J.E., Engineer, Coon Rapids
"Just returned from my seventh consecutive winning trip to a Minnesota casino. After watching people trust their hard-earned dollars to dumb luck and complain about losing, I'm up about $3000 this month. I surely am thankful I spent the time and effort. It is time well spent. Thanks again for all your help and encouragement"
  - J.R., Businessman, Minneapolis
"I took Vas' course and worked very hard before I took my first trip to Vegas. My first trip, I lost over $275 (the pressure was intense.) I came back to Vas' weekly practice classes and worked on the game. My second trip, I only played $1 tables and came back $228 ahead after expenses. On my third trip, I moved to the $5 tables and was ahead $685 after expenses. I always kept working on the game at Vas' monthly club meetings, and was getting better and confidence in betting improved. On my next trip to Vegas, I was up $5,400, after one year with Vas' class, I was up $140,000. After my second year, I was up over $290,000. Over the last five years of going to Vegas, I'm up over $450,000. Now I have a new love: playing at our local tribal casinos."
  - Name Withheld, Minneapolis
"This is great!!! My 'blackjack bank account' is now up to $21,000! I figure my net earnings from the game are $1,000 per day that I've played. I really don't know too many people who can produce that kind of money."
  - D.E., Businessman, Minneapolis
"Earning potential becomes a reality at $500 per hour. This is a positive investment which will last a lifetime"
  - A.J.B., Computer Analyst, Minneapolis
"Dear Vas, since graduating from your Blackjack course, my win record is over 80% in Minnesota casinos. On November 5, my winnings were $4,200. On November 6th, my winnings were $5,700 and on November 12, my winnings were $6,100! All in Minnesota casinos!"
  - Name Withheld, Minneapolis




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