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My card counting course is available to you through a special correspondence course. Everything I teach at the school is included in this package, along with illustrated examples and numerous card counting exercises. Unlike the many books, seminars, and video tapes offered by other "experts," my blackjack strategy has been tested by thousands of successful graduates who consistently earn money playing advanced strategy blackjack and report their success to me through numerous letters and conversations.

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"I'm a believer! After playing blackjack for 25 years,
I enrolled with Vas Spanos last year. Five months
later, I'm ahead $24,500 over half of it coming from
blackjack tournaments. And that's playing $10 units
with max wager of six units ($60).

"As my skill and confidence grow I'm convinced that
winning $100,000 per year is not only a reasonable
goal, but a conservative one. Best return on any
investment I've ever had."

(name withheld)
Eden Prairie, MN

Blackjack Graduate Testimonials

"Dear Vas, since graduating from your Blackjack course, my win record is over 80% in Minnesota casinos. On November 5, my winnings were $4,200. On November 6th, my winnings were $5,700 and on November 12, my winnings were $6,100! All in Minnesota casinos!"

- Name Withheld

"I took Vas's course in 1998 and have made over $175,000. It isnt e-z, but if you stick with it you will make money. Vas is a great teacher."

- Dave H.

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